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  • Penzion Kocourov Kocourov - útulný penzion na krásném mistě
  • Penzion Kocourov Penzion KOCOUROV = 20 lůžek v 8 pokojích
  • Penzion Kocourov Pořádání firemních akcí - internet
  • Penzion Kocourov Kocourov - restaurace s vynikajicí kuchyní
  • Penzion Kocourov Penzion Kocourov - bar a vlastni vinotéka
  • Penzion Kocourov Kocourov, restaurace - snídaně, obědy, večeře
  • Penzion Kocourov Litoměřicko, penzion Kocourov - pohádková krajina
  • Penzion Kocourov Litoměřicko, penzion Kocourov - půjčovna kol
  • Penzion Kocourov Herna s billiárdem, šipkami a vlastním barem
  • Penzion Kocourov Penzion Kocourov - tenisový kurt pro volný čas

Penzion Kocourov

The guesthouse is located in a beautiful quiet place. It is therefore suitable for your company courses, training and education. For these purposes a comfortable lounge is available located in a detached place outside the restaurant in the ground floor of the guest house.

If you are on vacation, you can use the lounge as a TV room.

For those interested in games our guesthouse has a room featuring a pool table and an electronic dart machine.

Refuse already browse after beautiful landscape???So possibly play TENNIS...

Penzion Kocourov | Kocourov 2 | 410 02 Czech Republic | | phone: +420 416597060
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