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Penzion Kocourov

We serve both hot and cold meals including specialties. Our menu features a wide selection of meals made from pork, poultry, beef, fish and venison plus vegetarian meals, side dishes deserts and ice cream deserts. Further a wide selection of wines from all around the world is available and whiskey and bourbon experts are sure to appreciate our always well supplied bar. We make both alcoholic and alcohol free cocktails according to our original recipes.
We are sure you will enjoy our meals in the friendly atmosphere. During summer days, there is always the option to sit outside or out on the terrace featuring a magnificent view of Ceske Stredohori.

Upon a prior agreement, we are ready to provide full service for your celebrations or parties.

Penzion Kocourov | Kocourov 2 | 410 02 Czech Republic | penzion@kocourov.cz | phone: +420 416597060
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