• Penzion Kocourov Kocourov - útulný penzion na krásném mistě
  • Penzion Kocourov Penzion KOCOUROV = 20 lůžek v 8 pokojích
  • Penzion Kocourov Pořádání firemních akcí - internet
  • Penzion Kocourov Kocourov - restaurace s vynikajicí kuchyní
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  • Penzion Kocourov Kocourov, restaurace - snídaně, obědy, večeře
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  • Penzion Kocourov Litoměřicko, penzion Kocourov - půjčovna kol
  • Penzion Kocourov Herna s billiárdem, šipkami a vlastním barem
  • Penzion Kocourov Penzion Kocourov - tenisový kurt pro volný čas

Our family guest house provides ideal conditions for various company lectures or training, spending a vacation and other recreational activities. We make meals (breakfeast, luch and dinner) and cocktails including foreign cuisine from all around the world. Twenty beds are waiting for your in 8 separate rooms (1-4 beds). Each room has its own bathroom and WC.

Further you can take advantage of our TV foyer or our game room. For active recreation we recommend our tennis court, bike rental (sightseeing tips included) or the nearby open air pool in Mrsklesy (2 km).

Should you have any queries or suggestions, you can write to us or contact us at the following telephone numbers:
(+420) 416 597 060

Penzion Kocourov | Kocourov 2 | 410 02 Czech Republic | penzion@kocourov.cz | phone: +420 416597060
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