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Penzion Kocourov

Open every day starting at 4PM through over midnight.
(Closing times are flexible depending on our guests’ preference)

Are you planning a trip to Ceske Stredohori (Czech Central Mountains)? Once you are finished with all the magnificent sceneries and you find yourself looking for an afternoons rest in a hospitable place with good food, why not come to our family guesthouse in Kocourov. We are sure you will not be disappointed with our rich menu and the picturesque view of Ceske Stredohori including the highest mountain Milesovka. Should you want to spend the night, our rooms are always ready for you.
We are looking forward to your visit.

We offer:

- a rich menu full of interesting
- 3 kinds of beer
- Cocktails and ice cream deserts
- Dance floor
- separate lounge
- TV Foyer

- Sitting on our terrace or in the
- Accommodation
- Private parking lot
- Bike rental
- Tennis court
- Open air pool
  (2 km away in Mrsklesy)

Penzion Kocourov | Kocourov 2 | 410 02 Czech Republic | penzion@kocourov.cz | phone: +420 416597060
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